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The saga of the Calypso H litter: Luna x King,born on 6/3/15.
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July 25th:
Hard to believe the puppies are already 7 weeks old!
H_litter_7_weeks_brown.png H_litter_7_wks_black.jpg H_litter_7_wks_blue.png
H_litter_7_wks_green.png H_litter_7_wks_purple.png H_litter_7_wks_red.png

July 12: Some quickie shots

July 8th:  OK - I admit, I have been very bad about updating this page!  I strongly recommend you go to the Calypso Swissies Facebook page, since I've been able to post photos from my phone directly to there.  Meanhwhile, for you patient folks who've been waiting, here are some lovely photos of the babies at 4 weeks (last week) taken by Meggen (Pine Grove Swissies) who has a much better camera and a lot more talent, so these are really nice!  The pups are walking and playing and starting on solid food.  They have teeth, so Luna isn't so keen to feed them anymore, but they're ready for solids, so it's all good. 
H_litter_4_wks_black_front.jpg H_litter_4_wks_black_side.jpg
H_litter_4_wks_blue_front.jpg H_litter_4_wks_blue_side.jpg
H_litter_4_wks_brown_front.jpg H_litter_4_wks_brown_side.jpg
H_litter_4_wks_green_front.jpg H_litter_4_wks_green_side.jpg
H_litter_4_wks_purple_front.jpg H_litter_4_wks_purple_side.jpg
H_litter_4_wks_red_front.jpg H_litter_4_wks_red_side.jpg

June 15th:  The puppies continue to grow and now their eyes are just starting to open!
H_litter_15th_eyes.jpg H_litter_15th_green__brown.jpg
H_litter_15th_green_goes_visiting.jpg H_litter_15th_purple_belly.jpg H_litter_15th_snoozin_with_mama.jpg  H_litter_15th_luna_and_pups.jpg
H_litter_15th_nursing.jpg H_littter_15th_sleepy.jpg

June 12tth:  They just keep growing!  The boys are all over 3 pounds and even little purple girl is over 2 pounds.  They're crawling easily and starting to practice getting their legs under themselves.
H_litter_day_9_blue.jpg H_litter_day_9_green_yawn.jpg
H_litter_day_9_red.jpg H_litter_day_9_green.jpg

June 8th: The puppies are 6 days old!  They're healthy and growing like weeds.  Luna is a great momma - keeping them clean & well fed!
 H_litter_day_6_green.jpg H_litter_day_6_red.jpg H_litter_day_6_black.jpg
H_litter_day_6_purple.jpg H_litter_day_6_brown.jpg

Saturday, June 6th:
H_litter_4_days_group.jpg H_litter_4_days_red__green.jpg

H_litter_4_days_red.jpg  H_litter_4_days_blue__purple.jpg
Sorry folks - computer issues now resolved - will get caught up ASAP!!

Friday June 5th:
Got to see the puppies & Luna last night - they are all doing great!  As of today, they have all gained at least an ounce, if not more.
H_litter_day_2_with_Luna_1.jpg H_litter_day_2_green__sarah.jpg
H_litter_day_2_feisty_boy.jpg H_litter_day_2_cuddle.jpg H_litter_day_2_sarah__her_boys.jpg
H_litter_day_2_green_milk_coma.jpg H_litter_day_2_puppy_pile.jpg
H_litter_day_2_selfie.jpg  H_litter_day_2_boy_pile.jpg H_litter_day_2_the_girls.jpg  H_litter_day_2_with_luna_2.jpg
4:04pm:  Yep, Luna is all finished and is the proud mama of 6 beautiful puppies - 4 boys and 2 girls.  Mom and babies are tired, but doing great!  As much as it pains me to head home without her, I need to get some sleep before I head to work tomorrow.  Will visit and post more pix tomorrow after work.

3:44pm:  Looks like we're done!  Couldn't find any more heartbeats, so we're doing a final monitoring to confirm that poor Luna is done.  She is exhausted, but she did a great job - she certainly deserved her ice-cream treat!

1:50pm: Black boy has joined the gang!  Another big beautiful boy!
All the pups so far are healthy, strong and nursing well and Luna is a great momma!
12:57pm: Brown boy has arrived!
11:53am:  Purple girl has hit the scene!  She may be a little small at 10.9 ounces, but she is a feisty girl!
9:52am: Red girl has arrived!
9:11am: Blue boy has joined his brother!
8:07am:  Finally, the first puppy has arrived!!  Green boy has made his debut!  Sorry the picture is so awful, but we were in the van on the way to the vet when Luna finally pushed him out!!

Wednesday, June 3:
2:04am:  And we're still waiting!  Heartbeats are still strong - Luna is just taking her sweet time pushing these babies out!

Tuesday, June 2:
9:35pm: Well, we're in progress!  It's taken a while, but Luna has established a good pattern of contractions and the puppies are starting to move towards the birth canal.  She's been nesting and panting and restless, so we're hoping for some action soon!

Sunday, May 31st:
Luna is doing great, though no contractions yet.  Heartbeats are strong on the puppies and they are quite active - it's so amazing, I can just sit and watch them move inside her abdomen.  Tried to get it on video, but it's just not the same!  So, we're stuck in hurry-up-and-wait mode.

Thursday, May 28:
Last night we got the monitor set up and used the doppler to find heartbeats!  Found 7, but I'm pretty sure one was a duplicate.  We'll actually put Luna on the monitor tonite to get a baseline reading so that when there are changes we'll know for certain.  Fingers crossed for 6 puppies, but there are just NO guarantees!  Still on track for a natural delivery on or around June 1.
H_litter_day_58_left_side.jpg H_litter_day_58_right_side.jpg
Had the x-rays on the 26th - sorry the pix are so small, but even enlarged they're a bit of a mystery!  The vet is confident that she saw 5, but there might be another one playing peek-a-boo up high under the ribs!
H_litter_x_ray_1.jpg  H_litter_x_ray_2.jpg

Friday May 22:   Day 53 and she's looking pretty pregnant! preggy_dog.jpg Xrays will be Tuesday of next week.

Tuesday, May 19: Luna is starting week 7 of her pregnancy; today is Day 50 of 63.  In week 6: "Pups continue to grow and pigmentation develops.  The eyes now have lids and remain sealed until approximately ten days after birth.  Your dog is noticeably more uncomfortable at this point.  She may vomit occasionally due to the extra pressure against her stomach."  Now in Week 7 we can look forward to: " Puppies are well-developed, and now begin attaining size in preparation for birth.  You may be able to see/feel the puppies movements in your bitch's abdomen. Her breasts are well developed and probably contain a bit of colostrum or 'first mil'.  Your dog is noticeably tired and may begin searching for a place to whelp." 
That pretty much fits Luna - she's been a bit uncomfortable and definitely getting some 'boobs'!  She has certainly lost her waistline - it's especially obvious when she's lying down.  I'll see if I can get a picture tonite.

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