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The saga of the Calypso G litter: Sailor x Flash, born on 10/31/14.
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Tuesday, December 30:
The holidays were crazy busy, so now I am finally putting up the 7 weeks photos, to be followed shortly by the 8 week photos and soon we'll have going home photos, too!  Enjoy!

G_litter_wk_7_purple_front.JPG G_litter_wk_7_purple_stack.jpg G_litter_wk_7_red_front.JPG G_litter_wk_7_red_stack.JPG G_litter_wk_7_pink_front.JPG G_litter_wk_7_pink_stack.JPG
G_litter_wk_7_blue_front.jpg G_litter_wk_7_blue_stack.jpg G_litter_wk_7_green_front.jpg G_litter_wk_7_green_stack.jpg

Friday December 12, sometime later:
OK, these photos are a day or 2 early for 6 weeks, but I don't think anyone is going to complain!  This was the puppies first time outside and their first time being posed on a grooming table.  Granted the show stacking (posing) isn't perfect, but what can you expect from babies?  Big thanks to Terry (and his nice, new camera) and his assisstants, Rita & Jenny for a very nice set of photos!

G_litter_wk_6_red_sit.jpg  G_litter_wk_6_red_stack.jpg

G_litter_wk_6_purple_stack.jpg  G_litter_wk_6_purple_sit.jpg

G_litter_wk_6_pink_sit.jpg  G_litter_wk_6_pink_stack.jpg

G_litter_wk_6_green_stack.jpg  G_litter_wk_6_green_sit.jpg

G_litter_wk_6_blue_sit.jpg  G_litter_wk_6_blue_stack.jpg

Friday, Deccember 12:
I'm behind again!  here's the 5 weeks photos and I'll put up the slightly early 6 week ones shortly - I promise!  The puppies have moved into the big puppy box and are fully weaned - which is a good thing since they have TEETH!  Sailor is happy to be back home with her family!

G_litter_wk_5_snooze.jpg G_litter_wk_5_toe_chew.jpg G_litter_wk_5_stool.jpg
G_litter_wk_5_too_cute.jpg  G_litter_wk_5_lap_scratch.jpg
G_litter_wk_5_full_lap.jpg G_litter_wk_5_puppy_pile.jpg

Friday, December 5:
Well, here's the 4 week photos on the day the pups turn 5 weeks!  The are all active and curious and utterly adorable!

G_litter_wk_4_were_cute.jpg G_litter_wk_4_sit.jpg

G_litter_wk_4_closeup.jpg G_litter_wk_4_cute_pink.jpg

G_litter_wk_4_cute_purple.jpg G_litter_wk_4_curious_green.jpg

G_litter_wk_4_red_girl.jpg G_litter_wk_4_pink_snooze.jpg

G_litter_wk_4_pink_girl.jpg G_litter_wk_4_purple_girl.jpg
G_litter_wk_4_blue_boy.jpg G_litter_wk_4_green_boy.jpg

Monday, December 1:
Humble apologies - I've been falling down on the job of posting updates, between holidays and work.  Here's the 3 weeks photos, at last!
G_litter_wk_3_with_Sailor.jpg G_litter_wk_3_wrestling_chaos.jpg

G_litter_wk_3_water_play.jpg G_litter_wk_3_snooze.jpg

G_litter_wk_3_smoochies.jpg G_litter_wk_3_relaxed.jpg
G_litter_wk_3_escape_from_the_bin.jpg G_litter_wk_3_mouth_wrestle.jpg

G_litter_wk_3_red_girl.jpg G_litter_wk_3_curious_pup.jpg G_litter_wk_3_baby_baroo.jpg

G_litter_wk_3_pink_girl.jpg G_litter_wk_3_purple_girl.jpg
G_litter_wk_3_blue_boy.jpg G_litter_wk_3_green_boy.jpg

Wednesday, November 19th:
More great photos from the fan club!
G_litter_wk_2_purple.jpg G_litter_wk_2_with_sailor_1.jpg
G_litter_wk_2_green__pink.jpg G_litter_wk_2_gear.jpg

G_litter_wk_2_pink.jpg  G_litter_wk_2_with_sailor_2.jpg
G_litter_wk_2_bag_o_pups.jpg G_litter_wk_2_green.jpg

Tuesday, November 18:
The puppies are growing and growing!  Saw them last Saturday for our 2 week photos and they are little chunkers!  Green was just over 4 punds and the rest of the gang is close behind.  Their eyes are open and they are trying hard to walk, but not getting much past a great imitation of a drunken sailor.  They are just amazing!  Sailor is taking great care of them and it shows.
G_litter_wk_2_pink__purple.jpg G_litter_wk_2_puppy_pile.jpg
G_litter_wk_2_purple_girl.jpg G_litter_wk_2_busy_baby.jpg
G_litter_wk_2_green_boy.jpg G_litter_wk_2_pink_girl.jpg
G_litter_wk_2_red_girl.jpg G_litter_wk_2_blue_boy.jpg

Monday, Nov 10:
Got to visit the puppies last Friday - they are huge!  At one week, they are all over 2 pounds apiece and VERY active, which is why the individual shots are so blurry.  If you try to hold them still they get quite vocal!  Thanks to other Calypso fans for other (better!) photos to share.

G_litter_wk_1_sleepin_swissy_style.jpg G_litter_wk_1_breakfast_in_bed.jpg G_litter_wk_1_baroo_practice.jpg
G_litter_wk_1_red_girl.jpg  G_litter_wk_1_pink_girl.jpg
G_litter_wk_1_purple_girl.jpg  G_litter_wk_1_green_boy.jpg
G_litter_wk_1_blue_boy.jpg  G_litter_wk_1_at_the_milk_bar.jpg

Friday, Nov 7:  Some more Day 1 and Day 3 photos to tide you over!
G_litter_-_good_mama.jpg G_litter_piper__purple.jpg
G_litter_-_1st_2_girls.jpg G_litter_-_day_1_tired_sailor.jpg

Thursday, Nov 6:  Sorry - falling down on the job here!  The puppies are doing wonderfully - Green boy has already broken the 2 pound mark.  All the puppies are thriving and growing and Sailor is a devoted mama who is producing plenty of good milk for her pups.  Here are some pictures from when we visited last Sunday - tomorrow I'll get one week photos and get them up ASAP.
G_litter_-_puppy_snuggles.jpg  G_litter_-_purple_girl_day_3.jpg

10:49am: All the puppies are healthy and nursing.  We're still monitoring to make sure the last placenta is out and everything is finished.  Sailor is a trooper - a very short labor for a first timer, she's tired but happy - eating and mothering her puppies happily.  Pictures coming later when I figure out how to get them off my phone!

4:06am: Blue boy has arrived!  1 pound 3.1 ounces and lively and vocal and nursing.  We think this may be the last one.

3:12am: Green boy is here!  He's a bruiser at 1 pound 6.8 ounces - very active and vocal and ready to nurse!

2:42am: Purple girl has arrived!  She was a little slow to get going, but is pinking up and moving around nicely. She weighs in at a nice 1 pound 2.4 ounces.

Oct 31: 12:39am:  Another breech girl, but she is also healthy and nursing well at 1 lb, 1 oz - Welcome Pink Girl!

Friday, Oct 31: The first pup-kin has arrived at 12:10am!  A breech girl, who is a healthy 1 pound 3 ounces, active and nursing.  Welcome to the world Red Girl!

Thursday, Oct 30: Sailor is starting to have some contractions - could be some Halloween puppies!

Wedesday, Oct 29: Xrays show that Sailor does indeed have a crew on board and she should be ready for delivery to start tomorrow or Saturday!  We've been checking with the contraction monitor, but nothing yet.  That's OK - these last few days are critical for good lung development, so we don't want puppies arriving early! 

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