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The saga of the Calypso F litter: Lucy x Flash, born on 6/26/14.
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August 25:  Well, the 7 week photos did not turn out, so I'll just post the 8 week evaluation shots.  

August 19:  At last, the 6 week individual photos - the puppies are just learning to stand still on the table, and some are better at it than others! ;)  They're growing so fast now and it's hard to believe the litter evaluation is tomorrow and the 'babies' will start going home with their new families!  I will try to get the 7 week pictures up before the new family photos start happening.
F_litter_wk_6_white_stack.jpg  F_litter_wk_6_olive.jpeg
F_litter_wk_6_blue.jpeg  F_litter_wk_6_brown.jpeg
F_litter_wk_6_green.jpeg  F_litter_wk_6_yellow.jpeg
F_litter_wk_6_teal.jpeg  F_litter_wk_6_pink.jpeg
F_litter_wk_6_purple.jpeg  F_litter_wk_6_red.jpeg
August 11:  The puppies are eating soft food exclusively now, and Lucy is already starting to get her girlish figure back!  I've got some week 6 photos that I'll post now, and work on getting the individual shots up as soon as I can.
F_litter_wk_6_wagon_1.jpg  F_litter_wk_6_red__yellow.jpg
F_litter_wk_6_blue_sit.jpg  F_litter_wk_6_teal_down.jpg
F_litter_wk_6_olive_stack.jpg  F_litter_wk_6_yellow_stack.jpg
F_litter_wk_6_white_stack.jpg  F_litter_wk_6_yellow_me__henry.jpeg
August 2: Here's the 5 week photos!  The pups are mostly on semi-solid food now, which makes Lucy happy because they've got TEETH!  They've been moved to the big puppy box now, and they're playing with each other, their toys and exploring new environments.

F_litter_wk_5_yellow.jpg  F_litter_wk_5_white.jpg
F_litter_wk_5_teal.jpg  F_litter_wk_5_red.jpg
F_litter_wk_5_purple.jpg  F_litter_wk_5_pink.jpg
F_litter_wk_5_olive.jpg  F_litter_wk_5_green.jpg
F_litter_wk_5_brown.jpg  F_litter_wk_5_blue.jpg

Here are some more fun 4 week photos!
F_litter_wk_4_lucy__trio.jpg F_litter_wk_4_Lucy_at_Lunch_Time.jpg
F_litter_wk_4_solid_food.jpg   F_litter_wk_4_brown_wants_cheese.jpg

July 28th:  Sorry I've been a little slow getting the 4 weeks pictures up - had a death in the family, but things are back on track now.  Here's the individual shots of the F litter at 4 weeks - eyes are open and they're walking and pouncing and playing - totally adorable!  A big thanks to Erik's (Lucy's daddy) parents for taking these nice photos!
F_litter_wk_4_blue.jpg   F_litter_wk_4_brown_boy.jpg
F_litter_wk_4_green.jpg     F_litter_wk_4_olive.jpg
F_litter_wk_4_pink.jpg     F_litter_wk_4_purple.jpg
F_litter_wk_4_red.jpg   F_litter_wk_4_teal.jpg
F_litter_wk_4_white_girl.jpg      F_litter_wk_4_yellow.jpg

July 18th:  The puppies eyes are open and they are growing like crazy!  All of them weigh over 3 pounds and they're an active and busy bunch.  The lovely 3 week pictures below are courtesy of Rita, who is Flash's breeder, and Meghan, Nellee's mom.  They are much better than my phone shots - enjoy!
F_litter_wk_3_boy_1.jpg  F_litter_wk_3_boy_2.jpg
F_litter_wk_3_boy_3.jpg  F_litter_wk_3_boy_4.jpg
F_litter_wk_3_boy_5.jpg  F_litter_wk_3_boy_6.jpg

F_litter_wk_3_girl_2.jpg  F_litter_wk_3_girl_3.jpg
F_litter_wk_3_girl_4.jpg  F_litter_wk_3_girl_1.jpg

July 11th:  Went to visit the puppies last nite and take 2 week pictures.  They are all over 2 pounds and very active, so some of the pictures are kind of blurry.  They really did not want to sit still!  Olive boy's eyes are nearly open and several of the others are starting.  By next week they'll all have their eyes open and starting to see.
F_litter_wk_2_blue_boy.jpg   F_litter_wk_2_blue_boy_head_shot.jpg
   F_litter_wk_2_brown_boy_head_shot.jpg   F_litter_wk_2_brown_boy.jpg
F_litter_wk_2_green_boy.jpg   F_litter_wk_2_green_boy_head_shot.jpg
F_litter_wk_2_olive_boy_head_shot.jpg   F_litter_wk_2_olive_boy.jpg
F_litter_wk_2_pink_girl.jpg   F_litter_wk_2_pink_girl_head_shot.jpg
F_litter_wk_2_purple_boy_head_shot.jpg   F_litter_wk_2_purple_boy.jpg
F_litter_wk_2_red_boy.jpg   F_litter_wk_2_red_by_head_shot.jpg

F_litter_wk_2_teal_girl_head_shot.jpg   F_litter_wk_2_teal_girl.jpg
F_litter_wk_2_white_girl.jpg   F_litter_wk_2_white_girl_head_shot.jpg
F_litter_wk_2_yellow_girl_head_shot.jpg   F_litter_wk_2_yellow_girl.jpg

July 7th: Back at work so I can upload photos!  Here's the 1 week individual shots.  According to Terry, 6 of the 10 broke the 2 pound mark at yesterday mornings weigh-in!  Just mouse over the photos to see which is which.
F_litter_Wk_1_brown_boy.jpg  F_litter_Wk_1_blue_boy.jpg  F_litter_Wk_1_green_boy.jpg  F_litter_Wk_1_pink_girl.jpg  F_litter_Wk_1_olive_boy.jpg
F_litter_Wk_1_teal_girl.jpg  F_litter_Wk_1_purple_boy.jpg  F_litter_Wk_1_white_girl.jpg  F_litter_Wk_1_red_boy.jpg  F_litter_Wk_1_yellow_girl.png

F_litter_week_1_with_Lucy.jpg  F_litter_week_1_bucket_o_pups.jpg
And Terry & Bev's grandkids got to visit the puppies, too!

July 4th: The puppies are a week old!  They're doing great - very active and gaining weight.  At the rate they're growing they'll all be past the 2 pound mark by the end of the holiday weekend.  Lucy is working hard to keep them growing - she's eating 6 meals a day and not gaining any weight (I'm jealous!).  We're supplementing the puppies with bottlefeeding to make sure they keep gaining and to give Lucy a bit of a break.
F_litter_Wk_1_bottle_1.jpg  F_litter_Wk_1_bottle_3.jpg
F_litter_Wk_1_bottle_4.jpg  F_litter_Wk_1_bottle_2.jpg

June 28th: Dani came to visit!  Lucy's 'mom' Dani came to see her and the new 'grandbabies'.  Can you tell Lucy is happy to see her?

F_litter_day_3_2.jpg  F_litter_day_3_3.jpg

June 27th:The puppies are just fine - active and eating and LOUD!  Lucy has recovered from the surgery nicely and is producing plenty of milk for her brood, though Terry & Bev are supplementing a little with bottle-feeding to be safe.
F_litter_day_2_1.jpg  F_litter_day_2_2.jpg
  F_litter_day_2_4.jpg  F_litter_day_2_3.jpg

Mama and babies made it home just fine - all the puppies started to nurse right away and Lucy is a good mama.
F_litter_with_Lucy_1_day_1.jpg  F_litter_with_Lucy_2_day_1.jpg

First portraits  And they all weigh in at over a pound each!
F_litter_green_boy_day_1.jpg  F_litter_blue_boy_day_1.jpg
F_litter_brown_boy_day_1.jpg  F_litter_olive_boy_day_1.jpg
F_litter_pink_girl_day_1.jpg  F_litter_purple_boy_day_1.jpg
F_litter_red_boy_day_1.jpg  F_litter_teal_girl_day_1.jpg
F_litter_white_girl_day_1.jpg  F_litter_yellow_girl_day_1.jpg

June 26th:  Wow, what a day - the puppies are here!!  Lucy was having frequent contractions this morning, so we talked to our repro vet, Dr Burns, and considering the size of the puppies and the size of the litter we decided that a c-section would be the safest way of having them.  So we drove down to Dr. Roberts and had the c-section done.  Everything went smoothly and quickly and since we were crazy busy rubbing puppies, there wasn't a chance to do an update for every puppy!  But we are very happy to have 10 gorgeous, healthy puppies (6 boys, 4 girls) who are active and nursing and Lucy is doing great, too.  

F_litter_just_born.jpg  F_litter_just_born_2.jpg

June 25th: Look at that crowd!

Lucy_xray_1.jpg    Lucy_xray_2.jpg     Lucy_xray_3.jpg
June 24th: Got the xrays done - looks like 10 puppies for sure, possibly 11!!  Will post xrays after Terry forwards them.

June 23rd, 2014: Lucy arrived in Colorado on Saturday and is settling in nicely.  Tomorrow she goes for the xray so we can see how many babies are on board!  Terry & Bev have been able to pick up heartbeats with the Doppler and there's lots of fetal activity - these are gonna be some busy puppies!


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