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The E Litter
The saga of the Calypso E litter: Sophie x Flash, born on 8/11/13.
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September 25th:  Yes, I'm a slacker!  Week 4 was when we left for National and Week 5 was right after we got back and I was wiped out!  Anyway, finally got the 6 week photos are up and the pups are completely adorable!  They've had time outside now and a busy exploring the world around them - very curious, and like human babies, everything goes in their mouths!  Next weekend is going to be a big puppy party with he E litter and Nellee's babies - it will be interesting to see the differences a week in age makes when they are this young.  I will take lots of pictures - honest!

September 8th: The pupppies are even cuter and entertaining than last week!  They're very interactive, but those needle sharp puppy teeth aren't in yet, so they are just right for cuddling with.  They're beginning to show different personality traits and quirks as they develop more as individuals.  Note - you will have to be patient for more photos - we'll be gone at Nationals this week.  I promise to take lots of pictures and post them next weekend when we get back.

September 2nd: What a difference a week makes!  The puppies are up and walking and wrestling and even testing out their baby baroos!  Terry got the taller walls on the whelping box just in time - they are trying to get up on the pig rails and make an escape!  We've introduced some soft toys and the puppies are learning to play with them and their teeth are just starting to break the gums.  They'll be ready to move to the big puppy play box by next weekend.

August 29th:  My apologies for being a total slacker, but life has been busy!  The puppies are doing great - they are all over 4 pounds, their eyes are open and they are walking, albeit like drunken sailors.  I'll get the 2 week pictures posted, now and take the 3 week ones this weekend.

August 15:  The puppies are all thriving and Sophie is a great mama! 

Wednesday August 14:

Photos below are courtesy of Lauren from the big day


Monday, August 12: The puppies are doing well and Sophie is being a great mama - keeping them clean and fed.  I realize that I have not posted a whole lot of pictures, but Terry graciously allowed me to do a lot of the assissting on this litter and that's a messy and often hectic job!  I promise more pictures will be forthcoming!  We are thrilled with this litter - all but one were well over a pound each, and Red girl was less than an ounce under, so they are big and strong - started crawling and nursing right away.

Sunday 8pm:  All done.  The xrays show that Sophie is clear, so there were only 6 on board.  The five who made it are strong and healthy and already nursing strongly.  And all at a reasonable hour!  What a good girl Sophie is!

Sunday 6:47: Another little girl.  She was breech and just didn't make it.

Sunday at 6:07: Still waiting

Change of fashion plans - white girl is now PURPLE girl!

Sunday 4:21:  White girl just popped right out!

2 boys, 2 girls so far...

E_litter_2_boys_2_girts.jpgSunday 3:55: Poor Sophie pushed and pushed but Blue Boy was breech, so he needed a little assistance and finally popped out at 3:47!  With the 1 lb and 7.7 ounce cork out of the bottle, hopefully the rest will come more easily!


Sunday 2:30: Pink Girl has arrived!


E_litter_red_girl__green_boy.jpgSunday 1:59: Red girl arrived at 1:16 and I got here just in time to catch Green boy at 1:41!!  Will get photos up soon!

Sunday 12:42: Sophie is in active labor - we should see puppies by tonite!


Sunday August 11, 6:46am: The monitor is showing pre-labor activity!  We'll monitor again at 10am.


Saturday August 10, 4:33pm: Still restless and clearly uncomfortable, but just a couple little Braxton-Hicks contractions.  Terry thinks that if labor starts tonite, it won't be until pretty late. 


Saturday August 10 9:40am:  Sophie has stopped eating!  She's restless and her temperature has dropped.  No contractions yet, but we'll try again in a few hours.


Wednesday August 7: Sophie, who normally lives with her 'mommy', Lauren, is happily ensconced at Terry & Bev's house to await the big day!  The x-rays showed plenty of puppies on board and Sophie has lost her girlish figure!

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