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The saga of the Calypso D litter: Avanti x Heath, born on 3/11/12.
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Monday May 7:  This will be the final entry for the D litter.  The puppies have had their checkups and their microchips and they are ready to go!  They have their litter evaluation tomorrow, and then they will  start going home with their lucky families.  Hopefully, we'll get lots of pictures to post on our photo gallery page so we can watch them grow up!

Monday April 23:  Visited with the puppies on Saturday and had a blast!  It was warm enough that we got to take them outside for the first time in the afternoon.  After a few moments of initial surprise, they got right down to exploring and discovering cool things like sticks and dandelions - I got some good pictures.  They were all very busy, but eventually got tuckered out and flopped down to enjoy some quality nap time with their people friends and littermates.  Heath stopped in to visit his 'kids' - they're growing like weeds, but they're still no tmuch bigger than his head!  Looking forward to the litter evaluation in 2 weeks.

Monday April 16:  Saw the babies yesterday and had a lot of fun!  Avanti is looking great and so are the puppies!  They are starting to run and play and be really interactive.  They're playing with toys and wrestling with each other and giving puppy kisses and generally being utterly adorable.  If you sit in the box they'll all come to visit and the bolder ones will climb right into your lap!  I'll get the pictures posted tonight after work, I promise!

Thursday April 12:  Avanti continues to heal and gain weight - she is making an excellent recovery.  The puppies are all continuing to thrive - they're getting better and better at eating on their own and starting to really develop individual personalities.  Can't wait for the weekly photo shoot this weekend!

Monday April 9:  I have been bad about updating this page...sigh.  At least I've been getting the pix posted!  Avanti has had a rough time of it - right after my last entry Bev & Terry rushed her to the e-vet thinking that she was bloating.  Luckily,  it wasn't bad and they also identified and removed a blockage from her intestine.  Unfortunately, with the incision and the meds she could no longer feed the puppies, so Bev & Terry have had to step up and do all the puppy feeding themselves.  Then, during a feeding, Teal girl got some food down the wrong pipe and needed a trip to the e-vet.  Happily, she is home and doing well, but she did manage to give us all a good scare.  And if that wasn't enough, Avanti went back to the vet for more abdominal surgery!  So far, so good (knock wood!!) and Avanti is healing and finally gaining weight and keeping it on.  All I can say is thank goD for pet insurance!  Anyway, the puppies are growing and developing normally and even learning to eat gruel on their own - a messy but very entertaining process.  Let's hope the next couple of weeks is far less exciting than the last couple!

 Tuesday March 27: Terry just called to say Brown boy has opened his eyes and the rest are starting to open as well!  I will download the 2 week pictures from the camera tonight and get posted ASAP.  All the puppies weigh over 2 pounds now and Avanti is steadily gaining back the weight she lost.  She's producing enough milk now that Terry & Bev have been able to cut back on the tube feeding - yay!

Monday March 19:  Sorry I've been so lazy about updating!  The puppies are all doing fine - dew claws were removed last week.  Poor Avanti was so sick that she wasn't keeping anything down, so she went to the vet for intravenous fluids and meds.  Since she was on medication we couldn't let the puppies nurse for a few days, so Terry & Bev have been tube feeding them.  Happily, Avanti is feeling MUCH better, eating up a storm and starting to produce more milk for the puppies.  Hopefully, she'll get up to full production so we don't have to keep tube feeding, but I'm glad that we've learned how.  We got to puppy-sit last Saturday night so Terry & Bev could go to their granddaughter's gymnastics event and that was quite an education!  See the D Litter page for photos.

11:33am  All done - finally! Avanti is cleaned up and resting and we are going to be on our way home soon.  I've been awake for over 24 hours, so this could be an interesting drive.  Will post pix later after some sleep. D_litter-day1-the_gangs_all_here.jpg

9:31am: The last little girl arrived, but she was stillborn.  Kind of a heartbreaker, but at least the other 8 are doing just fine.  We'll do a little more monitoring to make sure there's no puppies left in there and then we can all get some well deserved rest.

9:11am  Still waiting....

8:35am and we're still waiting for the last puppy.  Avanti is dozing and I am jealous!

D_litter-day1-red_girl.jpg6:23am and it's another girl - red girl is another outdoor baby.  Nothing like a nice walk around the back yard to get things moving!

4:34am and yellow girl has entered the world.  She's an outdoorsy kind of gal, since she was born in the backyard, but that hasn't slowed her down.  Healthy and nursing.  Avanti looks exhausted and I wish we were done, too.  My knees are not appreciating this!  D_litter-day1-yellow_girl.jpg

D_litter-day1-brown_boy.jpg2:35am: brown boy has arrived!  So we're even so far - 3 boys and 3 girls

1:18am and teal girl is here! D_litter-day1-teal_girl.jpg

D_litter-day1-pinky_dinky_doo.jpg1:04am and pink girl has arrived!  She's a little small, but quite lively.  All the babies are strong and nursing well.  Avanti is drinking and keeping it down, so things are going well.

12:25: Blue boy has arrived! D_litter-day1-green-purplegirl-blue.jpg

11:31pm OK, Avanti seems to be taking a little break - so we checked heartbeats.  She's still got 5 on the left side, so the 2 babies must have both come from the right side.  We're monitoring and we'll take her out for a short break afterwards.

D_litter-day1-another_purple_girl.jpg10:34 and Purple girl is here!

D_litter-day1-green_boy.jpgGreen Boy is here!!  9:40 and the first puppy has arrived - much to our surpise!  We had Avanti on the couch and were finding heartbeats with the doppler and suddenly, there was a puppy arriving!  Green boy is a healthy 14.6 ounces - yay!

Sunday, March 11:  Looks like tonite is the night!!  The xrays yesterday showed 9 for certain, but there is that potential number 10 hiding still.  Terry found 10 heartbeats, so I guess time will tell.  Avanti is having contractions fairly steadily - we'll be monitoring again shortly and I'll post the results.

Friday March 9: Avanti's temperature has dropped a little bit and she is already producing colustrum, so we're wondering if she's going to make it all the way to next Wednesday.  Just in case, Terry is taking her in for her xray tomorrow so we'll have a better idea of how many puppies there are and what stage of development they're at.  Unfortunately, poor Avanti isn't keeping food or water down right now.  Chris gave her some IV fluids and that really perked her up, poor baby. Avanti_-_IV_fluids.jpg

Thursday March 8th, 2012:  Sounds like at least 9 puppies on board!!  Karen at Whelpwise thinks there might be another one hiding in there, but 9 separate heartbeats for sure.  The x-ray next week will hopefully give us a picture of the gang! 

Tuesday, March 6th 2012:  Avanti is decidedly pregnant!  Chris was at Terry & Bev's last Sunday helping shave Avanti's big ol belly and he said that she groaned when you rubbed it and she already looks as pregnant as she did when she went into labor last time!  Terry is picking up the doppler equipment this week so we get to look for heartbeats.  We know there are at least 5 puppies on board, since the ultrasound showed 5 in a single frame, so there could be quite a crowd in there!  Her due date is a week from tomorrow.  Selfishly, I'm hoping she's either a little early or a little late, so there's less conflict with my work schedule, but we'll just have to roll with what nature decrees.  I'll try to get some preggy-dog pictures soon!

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