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Prospective Owners - Questionnaire

Finding the right home for a puppy is far more complex than finding someone who can pay the purchase price. Asking potential owners to think about the issues in the questionnaire below makes for a more prepared owner and a better chance of matching a puppy to the personality of the home.

Calypso Swissies are a lifetime commitment... by us, as the breeders, and by all of our owners. There is no perfect dog and there is no perfect home, but we try to match the dogs and families for as comfortable and happy a union as possible. Thank you for taking the time to help us in this matching process. 

Please complete the form below as completely as possible.  It is important to be honest and realistic.

Thank you for your interest in Calypso Swissies.

Terry & Bev Brown
Calypso Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs

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In what activities are you willing to participate with your dog?

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What do you expect from your pet?*

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What do you consider your responsibility would be if your dog were to develop health issues in the future that required expensive treatment or surgery? (Please think about this and answer as clearly as possible. In all breeds, there is the potential for h*

Please use this space to provide any additional information you feel is important when considering a new pet. Feel free to ask any questions.

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