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Calypso Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs Philosophy

We believe there is much we can learn about how to live more extraordinary lives from our canine friends: trust, compassion, unquestioning acceptance, and a level of love and devotion that is nothing short of "agape" love.

Our dogs are not just pets; they are integral members of our family.  While dogs need order in their lives because they are by nature pack animals, the dominant role we play always includes positive reinforcement, attention to their needs and comfort, commitment to their health, the training and socialization necessary to be "good citizens", and reciprocation of the love they provide us.
Our breeding program is primarily focused on temperament.  Swiss Mountain Dogs are large, powerful dogs.  While Swissies are generally very good-natured, we still focus on breeding stock that exemplifies that easy going temperament.  After that most important quality, we look for dogs that we feel represent the standard of the breed, are of good health, are structurally sound, and are capable of doing the kind of jobs these incredible working dogs are meant to do.

We do not breed often, and with a limited number of puppies available for placement, we are very serious about the quality of homes in which we will place one.  We seek people whose philosophy matches our own.  We look for people we genuinely like.  We look for people who genuinely like us, because if you purchase a dog from us, we do not go away.  We believe that the relationship between breeder and owner is an enduring one.  Our responsibility for every puppy we produce does not end until that dog crosses the "Rainbow Bridge", to be united with the other great dogs who have gone before, and where we will eventually be reunited with them.

Of particular interest to us are prospective owners who will be willing to participate in activities available to Swiss Mountain Dog owners.  We strongly encourage membership and participation in both our regional and national organizations:  Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Club of the Rockies (GSMDCR) and Greater Swiss Mountain Club of America (GSMDCA).  Of greatest importance to our breeding program are those prospective owners willing to provide a home for a show dog.  Even more exciting would be an owner willing to learn about, and participate in the Conformation ring with their dog. 

This is who we are as breeders and what we believe to be in the best interest of our dogs and the canine community in general.  If this suits you, we hope to hear from you.


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