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Dumer may not be part of the Calypso breeding program, but he is nontheless a marvelous example of how these beautiful dogs become such an important part of our lives and families.  Dumer truly is our hero!

Dumer_swing.JPG"A hero is not just a person.  A hero can be a dog.  One day my family and I went hiking in Castlewood Canyon with our dog, Dumer (pronounced doomer).  We stopped at a picnic table for lunch.  My Dad didn’t let me climb or sit on the rocks the whole hike.  There was a small rock near the table.  I asked if I can go sit on the rock.  My Mom and Dad said yes.  So I went and sat on it.  After a minute or so, I invited Dumer to come up.  He stayed there for about five minutes and then he got off.  All of the sudden I heard and saw him jerk back.  We heard a rattling noise.  My Dad yelled, “Get off the rock!” So I got off the rock as fast as I could.  I was terrified!  From a far distance we saw the rattle snake.  It was in the crevice of the rock.  It turns out Dumer got bit.  I took a closer look at the snake.  It was missing a fang.  Then I looked at Dumer.  The fang was stuck in his nose.  By the time we got him to the vet, it had fallen out.  They gave him anti-venom.  He was home in 2 days and he is still alive today. Dumer_kids.JPG

If Dumer wasn’t there, it could have been me that got bitten by the snake.  I think he is a brave and loyal dog.  Dumer is a Greater Swiss Mountain Dog.  We have another dog Ozzie—he is a Labrador retriever.  Dumer’s Mom is Maxie.  She died last January.  We owned his grandfather, Gus.  Dumer is 3 years old.  That is why I love him and stuff about his life. "

Written by Kaitlyn Woods (then 8 years old) on August 31, 2010 to complete a 3rd grade writing assignment on “heroes” .  Kaitlyn is the granddaughter of Terry & Bev Brown. 

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