Calypso Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs

Calypso Family

Some of our dogs are co-owned by us with some wonderful people that we consider family.  Co-ownership allows us an opportunity to place dogs in exceptional homes.  It is also a way for us be involved in the upbringing, development, and potential breeding of these dogs.  We are so fortunate to have these co-owners and exceptional dogs in our Swissy family.

Sailor - Caitlyn and Joe Morris

Lucy - Daniela and Erik Jex

Woody - Casey and Cody Campbell

Ranger - Lori Ciccone

Major - Deb Dahle

Rigby - Kate Schaefer

Tiller - Caitlyn and Joe Morris

Slugger - Brenda and Todd Krieschel

Bear - TX

Tundra - Lori Ciccone

Chunk - Christa Brown


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