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Terry and Bev Brown - Golden, CO

Terry phone - 303-980-8127 or 720-985-4101

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About Us

Bev and Terry Brown, Calypso Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs

Terry & Bev

Both Terry & Bev Brown were brought up in families in which dogs were very much a part of the home and family structure. In our life together, we have owned several varieties of dogs. It was after the loss of a dog that we decided to research purebreds and began our 20+ year journey down the path of showing and breeding purebred dogs.  We started with Dalmatians, those high-energy, spotted dogs, and just recently said goodbye to our last one - Abe, age 14.  We were introduced to Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs  over 10 years ago and have since been dedicated to this beautiful, hard-working, affectionate breed. 


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